Tomodachi Quest in Amusement Park


So it turns out that in Tomodachi Quest at the Amusement Park, if you have bad luck and get a bad combination of players, then it’s over. It’s really difficult for me to beat Tomodachi Quest if there are excess Mages or Healers.

Among the four different classes are the mage, healer, monk and a warrior–which is based on the Mii’s personality.

Confident Miis become monks/fighters who can choose between punch and kick. 140hp, 0mp
Outgoing Miis become swordfighters/warriors who can choose between attack and special. 120hp, 0mp
Independent Miis become mages who can choose between attack and magic. 80hp, 60mp
Easygoing Miis are healers who can choose between attack and heal. 100hp, 40mp
I suggest that you should be careful  of using too much magic before the final boss. There is an initial battle outside of the dungeon, then a battle as you arrive. There is an extra battle should you hit a dead end choosing left and right. Finally there is the boss battle where you can acquire the item, either food or treasure, in the final battle.

Quick tips in Tomodachi Quest: 

-Always save before you take on a quest. If you get a bad set up of classes, remember the 4 players that you are with. You can reset the game and then change their personality type–which in turn, changes their class.

-You can also reset if you are looking for a different boss treasure. But I don’t think that it’d be worth it.

You can only play Tomodachi Quest once a day, regardless if you win or not. I love the humor in my Miis “pretending to die.”

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