Tomodachi Life babies

Babies in Tomodachi Life are completely random acts of accidents. As long as a couple is married and are in good terms with each other, you’ll eventually have a baby… eventually.

*Make sure you have babies enabled in the town hall! Its in the Town Hall, Options, Baby Settings, Toggle OnToggle babies

You can check the relationship status by pressing the L or R button in your Mii’s apartment.


If they’re married and want to have kids, the apartment window will indicate a romance icon.

Once the baby is born, you can actually choose the gender for the baby, or let chance decide. Then you can have the parents suggest a name or offer your own name. You can also change the way the baby looks! At such a young age. But because the baby is so young, you can’t really tell how s/he will look until s/he’s much older. You will be given another option to change the name, the way s/he looks and personality features. 


So a few days after getting married in Tomodachi Life, my Mii told me that she was thinking about having a baby. I was completely alright with that.Within the week, she gave birth to a beautiful baby girl!

She asked me about how she looks and I thought it was too funny to say “Hmm?” to whether or not her daughter was cute.

Turns out that even at such a young age, we can change the way she looks. I’m not entirely sure how I feel about that, because I mean, it’s not genetics per se, but her appearance is just a combination of her parents’ features. She looks just like her father, but its very strange because all babies seem to be born with blonde eyebrows and neither of the parents have blonde hair.
Milla (with blonde eyebrows)
You can watch your Mii play with your baby in their home
Once the baby was born, the photography studio has a new feature for small children!

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