Streetpass: Traveling in Tomodachi Life

One of the children on my island grew up! And then the parents were given an option for him to either be a traveler or stay on the island with his own apartment.








The only way to send out travelers is to get married and have a baby on the island. Then the child can grow up to either be a traveler or live on the island. Travels are done through streetpass, so you will need that activated and to be sending something out as well.

HNI_0025 (2)What I’m a little concerned about is what happens when my child goes off into another island, and that island either never receives streetpasses or is a game that either becomes sold off or has it’s gamefile deleted.


I suppose this is what it means to be a parent.

HNI_0090 (2)

But, great news! After you have made the decision for your child to travel the world, you will enter the ending credit sequence where you can watch your child grow up in the family photo album.

So bear with me while we go through some of my brother Eddie’s photo album for his Tomodachi Life daughter, Isabella.

HNI_0056HNI_0057 HNI_0058 HNI_0067

HNI_0072 HNI_0080












































Happy Travels!



If you’re in the New York City area, there’s an official very casual Tomodachi Life meetup at the Nintendo World store.

Tomodachi Life Neighborhood Mixer
Neighborhood Mini Game Party – July 11th, 6PM-8PM

Are you the life of the party? If so, this mixer is for you! It’s all about the “mini game” fun when we bring the activities from the game to life. Play a real life version of the zoom quiz, memory match and more for a chance to win prizes!


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