Quality of Life in Tomodachi Life

Quality of life should be a measure of the Island’s happiness. There is an Island Ranking that is unlocked through Streetpass — “Check out which islands have the highest Quality of Life. Where does your island rank?” To unlock this, you have to Streetpass 5 times and have a fully-raised baby to leave the island as a traveler.


When you unlock it, you can view it in your island info (where you also view number of miis or number of problems solved). You can also view the qualify of life on the upper left hand corner of the main menu. You should see a star followed by a number ranging from 1-100.

My guess is, everytime your Miis’ happiness bar raises, so does your quality of life, eventually…

I think the easiest way to increase happiness is to find out their favorite type of outfit, and then give it to them in different colors. This has to keep them happy for a while, right? I suppose until you run out of money.

Next up is keeping your miis well fed. I always try to top them off in the morning before I head to work.Don’t forget to find out their super/all time favorite foods and give that to them often. Really expensive foods, such as caviar and truffles, usually gives your Miis a big happiness boost (unless they don’t like those kind of foods).and doesn’t really fill them up.

Miis also love to play mini-games when they aren’t too busy falling in love or have other problems.

I also try to solve as many of their problems as I can, as well as play games with them. And occasionally take them to the roof to visit “strangers.”








A happy Mii is not a neglected one. It’s pretty hard for me to get through to everyone but I try to keep at it. Its harder to tell if a Mii has a problem when they’re away from their apartment but you can always just call them back (unless they’re sleeping in their married home, then you might as well wait til tomorrow).








Of course I can



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