Tomodachi Life Mii Mini Games

My Miis are always barging me to play games–many of which I can do just fine. Some of them are a little challenging, such as the two item shadows and the overly zoomed in items.


This green icon selected indicates that the Mii wants to play a Mini-Game

Here are the list of mini games that are available, beginning with the Shadow Quizzes:
HNI_0026, Double Food and Treasure Shadow Quiz

This is probably the hardest mini game for me because many times the second item would be completely behind the first item.

Followed by some more quizzes:
And some Interactive Quizzes :
HNI_0099, Catch

This tests timing and attentiveness, as sometimes the Mii would distract you with strange conversations



The American Tomodachi Life has Football instead of Sumo Wrestling in the Japanese Version

What I find particularly interesting is the football game. It’s football in my version of the game, but it’s Sumo wrestling in the Japanese version.

Here’s a screenshot shared from my friend.

Mr. Simon has won against Michelle in Sumo Wrestling

If you lose at any of these games, fortunately you still get a treasure: toilet paper or tissue paper to cry with. If you win, however, you can choose from three differently sized items, as pictured. HNI_0052
Now if you’re lucky enough, you can play a mini game with a traveler Mii in the campground.
HNI_0079You have five tries to smack the mosquito. Careful or else you’ll slap the Mii’s face!


It took me two tries to catch that pesky mosquito!

Tonight is the third Tomodachi Life Neighborhood Mixer. If you’re in the New York City area, there’s an official very casual Tomodachi Life meetup at the Nintendo World store. Photo Sharing Fun – July 25th, 6PM-8PM Quirky things happen in Tomodachi Life! Bring in your copy of Tomodachi Life with your Nintendo 3DS and share all of your best memories from the game on our “photo wall.” There will also be fun games to play so don’t miss out!



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