Other things to do in Tomodachi Life: Cooking, Sewing, Shopping and Traveling

Just like us, your Miis can have leisure activities. They can cook (and possibly produce new recipes or bad food) using the frying pan.

They can also sew, and potentially give new outfits, using the sewing machine.

Now if you’re trying to save on money, there are some serious discounts in the morning, afternoon and night markets. Our own Miis are the vendors for these markets.Grilled Cheese Sammies in the Morning Market

The afternoon and night market open up once Miis begin to date.

The morning and afternoon markets only sell one particular item at a discounted price (I believe it’s half off). The night market sells a mystery bag at a flat price of $50. The morning market is a food market, the afternoon sells clothing. The mystery bag has 3 random items. Sometimes you can actually receive a bonus gift.

Eric selling at the Night Market

$50 Mystery Bags from the Night Market

Even if you’re filthy rich, I wouldn’t skimp out on the morning market just yet because it is a way to get trash foods. That’s right. Trash foods. The other day, my Mii was selling Ruined Meals.  I was pretty horrified at first but then I just laughed it off. Because who would want to buy that? (I bought 20.)

Other trash foods include Moldy Bread, Banana Peels, and Spoiled Milk. You can also have a chance of getting these items from dreaming or through cooking with a frying pan.

HNI_0037 Spoiled Milk Came to Me in a Dream

Spoiled Milk Came to Me in a Dream

Now something you don’t have to be filthy rich for is traveling. You can win airplane tickets through mini games, as bonus gifts, and just from helping your Miis often.

Usually a Mii would not travel alone, and will often take their spouses, children, or closest friends.

You can improve Mii relationships through traveling. Traveling also gets rid of depression. (Turns out vacations do help lives) You can also take pictures, and they always come back to give you a souvenir–a special item.

Another way to get a free vacation is to get married. After the marriage proposal comes the wedding, followed by a vacation / honeymoon together.

Robert and Jenny's Honeymoon in Africa

Now the most expensive vacation would be the one to space. If you gift your Mii with over $10,000 cumulatively, then they will have saved enough money to go travel out of space. You can keep the white astronaut suit but this also unlocks the astronaut suit, all colors, in the clothing shop.

I am going to start a gallery of all of the locations and list their corresponding souvenir (eventually)


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