Fantasy Life

These past two Fridays were the Fantasy Life events at Nintendo World. It’s a social event where we could share tips, StreetPass regularly or even StreetPass through Fantasy Life if it’s enabled. I’d go into details about these past events in another post.

Although Fantasy Life just very recently came out to the United States on October 24, 2014. It’s already been out in Japan for a couple of years, since 2012. It’s almost a life-focused simulation game, very much like Animal Crossing and Tomodachi Life. My good friend, Wilson, gave this game to me as a gift. Thank you, Wilson!!!

Fantasy Life makes it pretty clear that this new life is all about you. Just creating my avatar led a lot of options in terms of: Gender, Body, Head, Hairstyle, Face, Voice, Name, and finally, Life.

Although this is a fantasy game, I wanted my avatar to be as true to me as possible. So here goes:

Fantasy Life Fledgling Blacksmith

Me as a Fledgling Blacksmith

So let’s go into lives:
There are 12 different kinds of lives, but you can change them in-game.You will also be able to keep previously learned skills. Very much like you can change your career in real life, although, admittingly, its a lot easier in this game than in real life.

The lives are divided into different categories:  Close/Ranged Combat, Crafting, or Gathering.

Close Combat classes include:
Mercenary who wields his great sword
Paladin with a sword and shield

Ranged Combat classes include:
Hunter who uses archery
Wizard who uses Elemental Magic Casting.

Crafters includes:

Gatherers includes:

These classes will affect the way that you acquire dosh, or money. Within 5 minutes of gameplay, I was called a doshless hobo by one of the bullies in the square. It became very clear that you need dosh in order to buy necessities of life. (This is sounding more and more like real life!) As gatherers and crafters, you can sell your goods for money. As a crafter, obviously you will need to purchase basic goods usually from gatherers in order to craft, and then sell your goods. The combat classes can more easily than others fulfill bountys for dosh.

There is a quiz on the official Fantasy Life website where you can figure out what life would be best suited for you. My quiz rated me as an angler, needless to say, I decided to become a blacksmith.

Let me end this post with Fantasy’s Life opening video and a quote from the game that tells you about what kind of lives you can live:

This hero will choose between the sword and the wand. Perhaps this hero will select the needle over the axe, or the rod over the bow.

A hero may forge legendary weapons, wield an epic blade, or brew magical potions.

The choices are many…
Perhaps this hero will sew. Or Saw. Perhaps the hero will see and saw while on a seesaw.

HA! …Sorry. I thought that was kinda funny.


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