Try Playing Fantasy Life on Another DS – Saving in Fantasy Life

Fantasy Life has 3 different save games or profiles. However, Fantasy Life operates in a funny way. The game saves on the SD card, so if you took out the physical game cartridge and put it in another 3DS, there will not be any save data on it. This is a bad move on the developer’s part because if something were to happen to your sd card or 3ds for any reason, you would have to start the game all over.

I found this out the hard way. I switched out my Fantasy Life game to play on my brother’s 3Ds because my 3Ds had run out of batteries during the Fantasy Life event.

From my understanding, the SD card is linked to your own personal DS. So me simply switching my SD card into my brother’s 3Ds won’t cut it. In short–your save file is non-transferable. If something were to happen to my DS, then maybe I’ll lose everything. I stumbled upon this article which bought to mind that this does function very similar to an eshop game, except it’s not saved to any particular account thats secured online.

On the other viewpoint, at least you can swap the game among family members, significant others, or friends because you can easily share this game without worrying about your own save file being erased or tampered with in any way.

Fantasy Life King Erik Concept Art


3 thoughts on “Try Playing Fantasy Life on Another DS – Saving in Fantasy Life

    • ello mate. I googled it and found this.
      Make sure the system is powered off.
      Never remove a miniSD or microSD card while the adapter is still in the system.
      What to Do:
      Open the SD card slot cover.
      Gently push on the SD card until it clicks.
      Release the card and it will partially eject.
      Slide the SD card out of the system.
      Close the SD card slot cover.

      Im not sure how accurate it is because i personally dont have a 3ds. But maybe delildel can confirm it.

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    • Hey all,

      Just to clarify, the data on the SD card is linked to the 3DS. It basically means that your DS is linked to the data on the SD card and therefore the SD card can’t be put into a different DS without copying all of the data (through a PC) first.

      However, Fantasy Life seems to do things a bit differently–copying the SD card data into another SD card will not work because the data is linked to the original DS that was used to create the save file that I was trying to access.

      System transferring from one DS to another and plugging in the original SD card (the one with your save file) into the new DS will work because you transferred all your data from one DS to another–very similar to how the eShop games and their save files work.

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