Nintendo Day – Triple Launch Event Experience at the Nintendo World Store in NYC

nintendo day super smash bros wii u pokemon omega ruby alpha sapphire amiibo launch event

Yesterday, November 21, 2014, is dubbed Nintendo Day. Today marks the release date for Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, Pokemon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire and a line up of amiibo figures.

nintendo day Nintendo amiibo super smash bros wii u pokemon oras omega ruby alpha sapphire

Thursday started the 24 hour launch release party. Personally, this experience was largely spent on line for me. Before I start my rants, let’s begin with the good stuff:

nintendo world store giveaway pokemon figurine amiibo lanyard smash button

The promotional items were dependent on what you purchased:

Nintendo Super Smash Bros Champion adjustable belt

Super Smash Bros. Champion Belt

If you purchased the Super Smash Bros. game or bundle, you would receive an adjustable Champion’s belt.

Nintendo Triple Launch Event gift amiibo lanyard

Amiibo Lanyard

If you purchased any amiibo figure, you would receive an amiibo lanyard.

Nintendo Pokemon ORAS Primal Groudon figurine and Primal Kyogre figurine

Primal Groudon and Primal Kyogre

If you purchased Pokemon Omega Ruby, you would receive a Primal Groudon figure, or Pokemon Alpha Sapphire comes with a Primal Kyogre figure with a Starter Pokemon keychain of your choice: Treecko, Torchic, or Mudkip.

nintendo world store giveaway pokemon ORAS



There were also 50 Pokemon prints given out randomly. I saw poster tubes under the promotional table. I wonder if they were random with purchase, waiting on line or just randomly approached in stores.



These are pictures that I took at home after the event:

Here are photos from the launch event via Nintendo’s facebook album.

In store pictures, mostly celebrating the new installations:

This will be one of those posts where I rant about the lines and who’s coming and going. Feel free to stop reading right now.  I think I have these moments because the line itself is not particularly eventful. I would either stand or sit there with a whole lot to observe in sight, sounds, smells…

So let’s talk about the line. The thing about these experiences is that for a long period of time, you’d be in the same area with a couple of people. Usually they would be with complete strangers. But friendships are made, even if names are never really exchanged.

Sometimes you’d wish that you were placed in a different place in line, and other times you’d be glad to be here than at another place on line. I sat in the second section of the line. On Wednesday, I arrived around 8:30pm which, from my understanding, I missed wristbands by about 20-25 minutes.

The thing about wristbands is that they guarantee a place on line. It almost suggests “You’re secured, now go home and get a good night’s sleep in a warm bed.”

But if you’re one without wristbands, you’d stand around and hope that that, although the store is closed, the remaining staff still on duty will come out and hand out more wristbands. At this time, through the glass store windows, you can see the staff working on the window displays and other installations around the store. It only takes a couple of hours before you realize that they’re not coming back tonight.

Rumors spread that perhaps at 7am, they will give out the remaining placeholders. But when you think logically, the store doesn’t open at 7am, they open at 9am. It wouldn’t make a lot of sense–for me anyway, for a manager or staff member to enter the store and simply hang out wristbands.

As time moved on, 7 became 9, 9 became 12 and eventually became something that just wasn’t happening.

But it did happen at 5pm, wristbands were being given out with a Super Smash Bros. button. The purpose of these wristbands are still unknown to me because during checkout, my wristband was never checked or clipped off. I showed my wishlist and preorder receipt and then paid for the games. I was then instructed to go downstairs to the promotional table, and that was about for the timeline of the line, prior to the event.

Other notes:

Often drama unravels during these lines. It’s pretty understandable. You’re cold, probably hungry, and definitely bored. A few  hours before the event was starting, the Nintendo World Store was making a rule where the max loitering time was 1 hour, and once you go in the store, you can’t come back in for a 2-3 hours. And some people had problems with this rule because either 1) the store wouldn’t be so crowded yet the rule was still enforced, or 2) the person would only go in for about 5 minutes, didn’t know about the rule, and wasn’t allowed in when s/he tried to go back.

The most common occurrence that happens is either 1) when people leave the line for long periods of time, and then expects to go right back on line as if they never left, or 2) a random person would just jump right in the middle of the line and try to blend in as if they had been there the whole time. Like we’re all friends here, right?

You’ve made it to the end of this post! Here are some extra pictures to celebrate:
Pictures were taken line throughout the day with timestamps:


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