National StreetPass Weekend & Pokemon Eon Tickets

nintendo november streetpass weekend

National StreetPass Weekend: Thanksgiving Edition
November 26 – 30, bring your Nintendo 3DS system to one of over 29,000 Nintendo Zone hotspots across North America and get up to six StreetPass tags from places near and far! Make sure to bring your Nintendo 3DS with you while hitting Black Friday sales—you never know who you might StreetPass!

Starting today until Sunday, November 30 is StreetPass Weekend: Thanksgiving Edition so we can swap up to 6 StreetPasses through Nintendo Zones. Don’t forget that Eon Tickets (available starting today as well) are acquired through StreetPass for Pokemon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire. An Eon Ticket is the item that will allow you to catch both Latias and Latios. A great place to go for Eon tickets is at Nintendo World where they are available until January 14, 2015.

Nintendo Zones are great places to StreetPass especially if you’re in a community that’s harder to StreetPass with. It’s a useful function for certain games such as Super Smash Bros. for 3DS, Tomodachi Life, and most recently, Fantasy Life. You can find Nintendo Zones typically at McDonalds, Best Buys, AT&T Wifi Services and Boingo (airports only).

Nintendo Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire Eon Ticket


Happy Thanksgiving all!


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