The Wonders of Samus amiibo

The Samus amiibo sure is something. First there is the defective (but I wouldn’t really call it defective) Samus amiibo with two Arm Cannons, due to most likely a manufacturing error.

samus amiibo defect

Just recently this video on Instagram shows the Samus amiibo NFC tapping into the Moscow Metro and the turnstiles open seemingly allowing for a free fare.

Проход в метро по Самус. #amiibo #shittylifehacks

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It would be really interesting to see what else the NFC interacts with. These two instances could be 1) pranks from fans modifying the amiibo, clearly showing that Samus is OP, or 2) these could just be very rare and very real occurrences. I have to say that I’m down with either or.

Although the amiibo interacts with the gates, it turns out that because the green light disappears quickly, the gates are not passable after all.


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