Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End


Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

When I first heard of uncharted, I walked into Toy’s R Us with my sister, and she was excited about it because it looked so real. So I bought Uncharted 3. We played and had fun together. Good game. Good story. I borrowed part 1 and 2, from my supervisor at work because he knew I would complete it quickly and return it (Gave them back 2 days later! YEAH!)

I love these games. It’s a movie, it’s a story, it’s a game all in one. What I love the most is the commentary that the characters has. They always seem to say what is on our minds. From this gameplay, it seems they did not fail to do that.

One thing that I find entertaining about this that this gameplay plays like a movie. So invite your lady friend that don’t play video games over. If she likes action adventure movies, she would’t mind watching you play. (Ok I’m not 100% sure on that.) But I can’t wait for the Uncharted 4 “movie.”

The gameplay here looks smooth. Edges that you can climb on seems more discreet as suppose to the yellow pipes that always seems to be everywhere in the previous games. The shooting scenes looks movie like too. But you know we gonna get those headshots in, not run and gun. Or punch. Take out anyone in uncharted with a punch.

(BTW Guys, there is some free downloads for Mirrors Edge, Need for Speed: Most Wanted, and Plants VS Zombies on the PSN. So… go get em.)its-free-movistar


Stay tune for more news… and stuff… the tidbits.


(Oh btw I guess I can share this now that it was announced. Just Cause 3 is coming out. I was a field tech fixing a computer at one of their locations. Saw them working on it. The guy told me not to say anything.)


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