Defective amiibo sells for outrageous prices on eBay

legless peach amiibo

Back with defective amiibo, there is a legless Peach amiibo that sold for $25100.00 with 109 bids on an eBay auction that ended Tuesday, December 9. This seller is from Utica, New York. Here’s his description on eBay:

You’re placing a bid on a Sealed one of a kind Defect Peach Amiibo for Smash Bros on the Wii U. As the Pictures show she doesn’t have any legs. It is factory sealed and in mint condition. It will be sent to the highest bidder, ONLY IN THE US.

This doesn’t compare to the dual arm cannon Samus amiibo that sold for $2500(+$6.65 in shipping) with 75 bids on December 1.

You are bidding on 1 (one) Brand New Factory Sealed Defect Nintendo Samus Amiibo. This item is extremely rare (the only one like it I have seen so far). This figure features cannons on both arms, compared to the regular figure which only has one cannon on the right arm. This item is Factory Sealed and in Superb Condition. Please note that the photo with both the regular and the defect figures is for comparison only. The winning bidder will receive only the Defect (Double Cannon) Samus Amiibo. Insurance and Shipping Confirmation will be used when the item is being sent at no additional cost to the highest bidder. NO INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING.


Nintendo News has posted images of a “reversed legs” Peach amiibo

nintendo defective amiibo reverse leg peachnintendo defective amiibo reverse leg peach

GameSpot reader from the UK sent pictures of a Marth amiibo with two swords, which is currently on eBay now. The starting bid is at GBP 1,590.68 (which is approximately US $2,497.21. Personally I think he’s taking a ride on the hype train

Nintendo defective marth amiibo two swords

This is a genuine, unopened, tamper-free boxed marth amiibo with dual wielding swords. A real manufacturing error! This makes it a highly desirable collectors item. Possibly the worlds rarest amiibo! As seen on GameSpot and sites around the internet. Proven authenticity! Not another amiibo defect scam. This is a once in a lifetime chance to own this unique, rare piece of video gaming history. Marth is rumoured to be discontinued already so there will be even less chance of any similar errors! Its literally 1 in a million chance! Genuine collector/fan regretfully selling due to high demand. Only genuine buyers with a good feedback account accepted. Low feedback accounts who bid will be refused. Reserve the right to unlist item at any time. Buyer welcome to arrange own courier for piece of mind. happy bidding everyone and good luck!:)


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