Some Gift Ideas & Deals for the Holiday Season

Pokemon Plushies:

christmas pokemon snowman  Chespin Fennekin Froakie

These plushies were Japan exclusive Pokemon Center, but now the Nintendo World Store in NYC has these in stock. It’s Snowmen Pokemon! Snowman Pikachu, Chespin, Fennekin, and Froakie. 

christmas pokemon santa claus pikachu



Nintendo Holiday Sweater Mario Zelda

For those Collectors out there: 

jakk pacific world of nintendo fire mario ice luigi link ganondorf donkey kong diddy kong

JAKKS Pacific teamed up with Nintendo and their 2.5″ World of Nintendo figures series 1-2 were recently available for sale at the Nintendo World Store. There is Fire Mario, Ice Luigi, Link, Ganondorf, Diddy Kong, and Donkey Kong.

According to the Jakk website, you can purchase these figures at other retailers such as Walmart, Toys R Us, Target and Kmart. However, I’m not seeing these available on any of these websites yet.

Bring the fun of Nintendo to life with these awesome mini-figures! This Nintendo 2 1/2-Inch Mini-Figure Case includes 16 of your favorite characters from the Nintendo world. Each figure measures 2 1/2-inches tall and features limited articulation. Ages 3 and up.

good smile nendoroid link wind waker

Nendoroid Link: The Wind Waker Ver.

From the popular video game ‘The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD’ comes a Nendoroid of the main character of the series, Link! His Hero’s Sword, Hero’s Shield, a Heart Container and the important Wind Waker itself are all included to truly bring out the Legend of Zelda experience!

Link also comes with a large variety of expressions to bring out his character – including his standard serious looking expression, a smiling expression, a combat expression and a nervous expression! He even comes with effect parts to display him swinging his sword, allowing you to display him in truly heroic poses!

Released in October 2014
Product Dimensions(in inches): 8 X 7 X 3

Nintendo actually has an interactive website at

GameStop recently tweeted this image:

gamestop nintendo plushies

These plushes available at GameStop are perfect for every #Nintendo fan!

Nintendo Rosalina Luma amiibo Target ExclusiveNintendo Rosalina Luma amiibo Target Exclusive

I’m sure you have already heard that the Rosalina amiibo is a Target exclusive. From my understanding, they have not begun to accept preorders, as it says Sold Out Online.

Deals just in time for the holidays 

target nintendo 3ds xl deal

Save $50 on a Nintendo 3DS XL system at @Target until 12/20 now through 12/20!

target wii u deal

Target is also offering $50 off when you purchase a Wii U now through 12/20!

walmart nintendo 3ds xl deal

Walmart stores are offering up a FREE $50 Walmart Gift Card whenever you buy this Nintendo 3DS XL (in stores only) making it to $149.99 now through 12/20 as well!

Nintendo amiibo toys r us dealOn 12/18, you can pick up two amiibo figures for only $22 at @ToysRUs.

best buy nintendo games deal

Buy one and get one 40% off all Nintendo 3DS and Wii U software. Instore only.

Best Buy Wii U deal

Head to Best Buy and you can save $25 on Wii U systems until 12/20!

Best Buy is also offering free $20 Gift Card with two select Nintendo 3DS video games:

nintendo best buy holiday deal free $20 gift card with purchase

Add two of the games below to your cart and a free $20 Best Buy gift card will be automatically added as well. Plus, you’ll receive free shipping. 1 per customer. Online only while supplies last


3 thoughts on “Some Gift Ideas & Deals for the Holiday Season

  1. Where can you find those sweaters? Actually want to buy one, but can’t find them anywhere. Thought you might have an idea since you have a picture of them here.


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