Primal Kyogre New Nintendo 3DS Edition


The New Nintendo 3DS Primal Kyogre edition finally came in the mail! This 3DS edition released November 21, 2014 along with the Primal Groudon edition. November 21 also marks the same day of the Pokemon Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby launch. It is exclusive only to the Pokemon Center in Japan.

This special Primal Kyogre themed Nintendo 3DS features a Primal Kyogre pattern on the front cover plate and a standard Kyogre on the back. These cover plates are blue suede. It also comes with free downloadable special Pokémon theme for the home screen.

New Nintendo 3DS XL Primal Kyogre

You can see the two additional shoulder triggers: ZR and ZL on the back side New Nintendo 3DS Primal Kyogre additional shoulder buttons ZR ZL

New Nintendo 3DS XL Primal Kyogre

You can notice here that there’s a smaller grey button which is the C stick right above the now colorful ABXY buttons. It’s definitely more convenient than the Circle Pad Pro for the 3DS.


It came with the manual and AR cards, the front face plate (which was not already attached to the 3DS, although the back plate came attached). The front face plate just sort of slides in. For the back, you would have to screw it in.

When I took off the back face plate, you can see the battery and the micro SD card slot, as opposed to a SD card slot, which is different from the 3DS.

Below are some photos comparing this with the 3DS XL and 3DS models:

As for the United States, the New 3DS in itself probably won’t be coming out until 2015.


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