Dixie Kong amiibo and other custom amiibo

Nintendo custom Dixie Kong amiibo from Diddy

Dixie Kong amiibo

A reader showed me this great amiibo of Dixie Kong! As you might already know, I’m a huge fan of the Donkey Kong series. She’s a custom refurbished model of Diddy Kong. I think this is great, she looks so real and authentic. Kudos to the artist. I would buy her but she’s a tad…expensive. At least for me anyway. Here’s the item description via ebay:

You are bidding on a custom Dixie Kong amiibo.  This is a one of a kind figure.  It was modified from a Diddy Kong amiibo – “green stuff” was used to sculpt the hat, hair, and the bow on her shirt.  Multiple coats of acrylic paint were then used to correct the color scheme. …

You can set this amiibo up on your wii u in smash and default the outfit the diddy kong’s ‘dixie color scheme’ outfit and name her dixie, almost like having her in the game.

Now while we are on the subject of custom amiibo, I’ve found a lot of amazing artsy custom fan-made amiibo:

Many of these photos came from chibisilverwings , customamiibo.tumblr , espal3ds , twitter and google searches. Feel free to send photos of your own or other custom amiibo!


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