Introduction to Video Game Tidbits

Hello Everyone,

I originally made this blog for an assignment in a Computer Science intro class. Back then, this was just a personal blog with very few posts. I subscribed to WordPress’ emails so I always had a reminder that this blog was still open. And a couple of years later, I decided to pick this back up. While this blog is a bit more content-specific, I’m still pretty open about what I write and what the other, but few, writers here write about.

What I want to communicate here on videogame tidbits is, well, video games. I haven’t been too specific yet, which is why I call them “tidbits,” or small snapshots of what’s going on in this world. Most of what I write comes from what I experience, read, or hear about in other places, and I bring it back here.

Now I’m on another assignment called Blogging 101 from the Daily Post at WordPress. Personally, writing to inform and engage with my readers and have a positive impact on my readers is important. And I’m trying to improve on that with this course. Let’s see how that goes!


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