About Me

my miiI am Debbie, or if you refer to my Mii name, Grumpy Deb. I grew up playing video games, a Nintendo to begin with and I slowly expanded to Sony and Microsoft. Somehow I’ve managed to stay along all the way up to now, with both a 3DS and a WiiU, but I’m open to all consoles.

I’m trying to figure myself out. I work a lot and do a lot of work around the house. I especially eat and sleep just like a majority of people. I really enjoy this blogging thing. I get to record my experiences and am able to inform people at the same time of the things that I get to learn.

As of right now, this blog is for people who play, enjoy and might need help in Tomodachi Life, and I’m getting started in on Fantasy Life. I have also been writing about conventions, launch events and other events that I go to. But I want to expand my topics eventually.

I would be happy to exchange Friend Codes on the 3DS any time, please just let me know.

Tomodachi Life Mii QR Code

My Tomodachi Life QR Code

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, feel free to fill this out:

Your feedback is appreciated!



Donations are greatly appreciated. The help from donations will allow me to spend more time on this blog including resources needed to access games and other special events that I cover, rather than working longer hours at my part-time job to cover expenses between semesters.

My NNID is Debbie and here are my twitter and instagram accounts:
Instagramfollow me on twitter delildel

My online tag is allisvanitytome but my real name is Ant. I’m a contributing writer for Debbie. I am an English MA student and I work part-time at a library. For now, I will follow her lead and cover video games but I might cover other topics in the future. I’ve played video games since I was four years old, starting with the Sega Genesis. Other than playing video games, I read a lot and I write fiction.





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