Tomodachi Life


Tomodachi Life (or Tomodachi Collection: New Lifin Japan) was released earlier this year in 2014. I attended the launch event on June 6 at the Nintendo World Store. The Nintendo World Store was promoting the game and therefore had a Tomodachi Life: Neighborhood Mixer which they hosted every other Friday.

Tomodachi Life is a unique game in which you actually utilize the Miis that you have in your Mii Plaza. A lot of people would agree in suggesting that it’s almost like a crossover of the Sims and Animal Crossing.

Exclusive Spotpass Items

Slide Puzzle Solutions

Celebrity Mii QR Codes


Other things to do in Tomodachi Life: Cooking, Sewing, Shopping and Traveling

Win Nintendo eShop Credit With Tomodachi Life In The UK

Having Streetpass Travelers

Depressed Miis – This Too Shall Pass

Romance – Everybody Loves Somebody

Mini Games

Disposable Cameras and other Screenshots


Quality of Life

Streetpass: Traveling

Growing up

Personality Guide

Having Babies and Taking Care of Them

Tomodachi Quest in Amusement Park

Tomodachi Life Began


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